Frodo Mikkelsen


Frodo was born in 1974 and he both lives and works in the Danish capitol Copenhagen. He found interest in graffiti at a young age, and has been doing graffiti since 1990. During the years 1998-2000 he participated in a free art education programme at Thorstedlund Art Academy, K.U.B.A and Riggerloftet. In 2001 Frodo debuted at the exhibition ”Kunstnernes Efter√•rsudstilling”. Beginning as a street artist in the sub cultures, Frodo’s work has been acknowledged and widely appreciated. This has led to an interesting career for him with commissions by respected institutions such as Metropolitan and ARoS. Today Frodo Mikkelsen’s art works come in many different expressions such as painting, prints, sculpture, installations, mail art, street art and land art. Hence, he is a very diverse and interesting persona in the Danish art world. Not the least does Frodo’s true compassion and hard working spirit make an impact on those who meet him.